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Console WP8

Diskutiere und helfe bei Console WP8 im Bereich Tools + Produktivität bei einer Lösung;

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    Console WP8

    Console WP8
    [​IMG] Execute "shell" commands from your Windows Phone, manage your files, automated actions created scripts, created tile shortcuts to files, etc. The only application "console" on the store!
    Access to over 45 functions with the controls ("MS-DOS")
    - View the contents of a directory
    - Read the contents of a file
    - Modify a file
    - Move a file
    - Copy a file
    - Rename file
    - Print a file and email
    - Delete files / folders
    - Get information about the network
    - Scripts write and run the .bat file script, .wpbat
    - Ping - Ipconfig - net view (network control jack)
    - Start programm windows phone from the shell
    - View / execute files from the shell (music, photos, videos, audio, html, etc.)
    - Use the loop function with "for"
    - Etc ..
    Version 1.8

    - Added new command: [shortcut] to create tiles (shortcut) on the home screen link to a file
    - Added new command: [set] to create / edit environment variable
    - Adds new command: [tree] To list all files in the current folder and displayed in a tree
    - Added new command: [reload] update all files are added, deleted or updated from the phone storage
    - Added support batch file (.bat, .bat, .command) can execute the batch file with 'shell' easy to see the available commands please check the Help menu in the application
    - Add support and management of files from the phone storage, edit, delete, rename, copy, move the file
    - Add new examples files with commands 'batch' in (c: \ scripts)
    - Improve in landscape view
    - Add the new control loop [for], allowing wonderful combinations for scripts
    - Improved performance and fixed some bugs in the user interface (language), network, local control, etc ..

    Console WP8 Screenshots

    Console WP8 Download
    • Windows Phone 10
      Windows Phone 8.1
    • Identität des Handys
      Identität des Eigentümers
      Bewegungs- und Richtungssensor
      HD720P (720 x 1280)
      WVGA (480 x 800)
      WXGA (768 x 1280)
    • Download @ WindowsPhone
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      Download @ Share-online.biz

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Console WP8

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