Windows 10 COM 1803 Update Problem

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    Windows 10 COM 1803 Update Problem

    1. [1803] Takes forever to shutdown
    2. Windows 10 Start menu not opening
    3. 1803 update - No more file details in Windows Explorer columns for mkv
    4. Why does Belarc show my account disabled?
    5. Strange Windows Freezing without an obvious cause
    6. Changing Display Settings Made my Computer Unusuable
    7. Notification when display if Off (Laptop)
    8. computer on
    9. Duplicate Files/Folders In Windows
    10. Some annoying window render issues
    11. Taking complete control (permissions) of my computer
    12. Issue with Control + Shift and Mousing Clicking
    13. Breeze
    14. How do I prevent Display from turning off when playing audio? POWERCFG
    15. Stop DCOM Error from Posting
    16. "Choose Operating System" Screen Dim (sometimes)
    17. Latest update crashes Office (Excel) files.
    18. I'm experiencing flickering of my desktop icons as if it's refreshing
    19. Computer doesn't respond/awaken after display is off for a while
    20. Operation could not be completed (error 0x00000709)
    21. Windows 10 Search Not Working
    22. So now playing Hulu and Netflix gives me aduit failures, again.
    23. So now playing Hulu and Netflix gives me aduit failures, again.
    24. user account dialog always minimized on one system
    25. 1803 killed my Realtek Virtual Surround
    26. Hard Disk Unusable/Unallocated after Reinstall Windows 10
    27. How to contact Microsoft Governance
    28. problem on a few menus - white text on white background
    29. Smartscreen can't be reached right now.
    30. Use for old SSD
    31. Smartscreen can't be reached right now.
    32. Use for old SSD
    33. Start Services – what keep – what disable?
    34. Is It Worth Reinstalling 10 Pro On This Laptop?
    35. Certain videos will not save as a playable file?
    36. Windows 10 no boot
    37. Credential Manager won't recognize changed password
    38. Windows 10 upgrade issues
    39. Event ID 1002 Application hang. windows shell experience host
    40. 1803 Update & Context Menu Changes
    41. Dropbox failed to install on April 2018 Update build/build 17134.1
    42. Windows 10 not booting
    43. What is going on with Windows 10 and privacy????
    44. Installing Windows to SSD
    45. shortcut to open txt file and go to end
    46. Need help with MBR2GPT.
    47. Have to hover mouse icon over 5 seconds in order to move window on des
    48. Windows Defender real time scanning problem with USB flash drives?
    49. Win 10Pro: Encrypted everything; now two drives are missing
    50. Issues with multiple programs stemming from Appdata sub/folder
    51. 1803 messed up my video thumbnails
    52. Duplicate folders in user directory after 1803 update
    53. Windows 10 ugly font on system application
    54. Can't download pictures from S5 phone
    55. Cortana cards / interests
    56. 1803: Cannot change/remove input methods/languages?
    57. insufficient disk space to update windows 10
    58. Take a full screenshot of the "start page"
    59. Missing Music section in Cortana Notes
    60. How to completely disable windows update virus
    61. Access Blocked on 1083 build
    62. Has anyone reverted back from April Update.
    63. Clean Install: I get a download dialog box unexpectedly.
    64. SKY GO Error code 000 and stoped working on IE11 anyone able to help?
    65. Unexplained overwriting half my document files
    66. Windows "Away Mode" is not working
    67. Lock screen oddities after April update.
    68. Unintentionally DEL /S C:\* (CMD)
    69. Wrong path for Windows 10 shell startup?
    70. Dual booting Windows 10 and 7
    71. Incorrect icon when clicking Start button and typing Settings
    72. No CMOS Setup when F2 pressed nor Boot Selection with F12
    73. Pinned folders in taskbar opens CMD in default?
    74. About the taskbar in 1803
    75. desktop files/folders don't automatically appear anymore
    76. Keyboard layout UK displayed automatically
    77. Can't find script engine "Jscript" > GXKLoiWHiOpw.js
    78. Won't turn on
    79. Pre-Imaged Win 10 Request?
    80. Andriod Comes Alive (Maybe)
    81. Spell Checker error on 1803 update
    82. Can't rename "New Folder" or change folder name
    83. Many 1803 Problems
    84. Event ID 10016, DistributedCOM Windows.SecurityCenter.WscBrokerManager
    85. RuntimeBroker (now Shell Infrastructure Host) high RAM usage
    86. Event Viewer Errors and system hang when browsing/playing music
    87. Ready to go back to win 7
    88. How to prevent Windows from automatically adding regular US keyboard
    89. Explorer Crashing
    90. Acer Aspire E5-575G || Windows 10 Home || NO BOOTABLE DEVICE
    91. HEVC videos don't show details in Explorer after 1803 update.
    92. Event ID 5061 Audit Failure after April Update.
    93. Need assistance with answer file, and some changes reverted after
    94. Many 1803 Problems
    95. So, what the deal with the blur after 1803?
    96. Event ID 10016, DistributedCOM Windows.SecurityCenter.WscBrokerManager
    97. Timeline doesn't work on windows 10 1803
    98. Disable address files auto highlighting
    99. Background Apps broken in 1803?
    100. Event Viewer Errors and system hang when browsing/playing music
    101. Taskbar Refresh
    102. how to use new windows ink feature?
    103. RuntimeBroker (now Shell Infrastructure Host) high RAM usage
    104. Delete keybord greyed out
    105. Missing upper toolbar
    106. Display Option Disappeared
    107. Sometimes computer enters boot loop, other times I see black screen
    108. How Do I Get Windows Explorer to Open Desktop Folder?
    109. New W10 User - Group Policy Editor question regarding HW / SW
    110. Windows restarts after monitor-shutdown interval
    111. All apps close when I close laptop lid - why?
    112. How do I Hide or Remove Items in File Explorer?
    113. Inaccessible boot device
    114. 32Gb Notebook - end of the line for Windows 10?
    115. Block audio from specific apps
    116. A basic Win 10 or a strong Win 7?
    117. Data gain after power outage?
    118. Remove Documents from Navigation Pane in File Explorer
    119. Taskbar previews turn into blank icons after a while
    120. Hiding QuickAccess Icon in Explorer thru Regedit not working.
    121. Having troubles with start menu windows 10
    122. 128GB SSD big enough for Win 10?
    123. The old switcheroo my PC did...
    124. Random freezes
    125. Why The Apparent Double Download Of PDF's ?
    126. Is there a way to create bootable USB flash drive and use extra space
    127. Can Windows 10 cause English letters to type double
    128. Unexplained reboot nothing in event log
    129. How to add shortcut for "Device Manager" on desktop?
    130. How to Fix Error Code 0xc0000142 on the clock
    131. Form1 Popup
    132. Has anyone seen this behavior when dragging windows on the desktop
    133. Setting Default Save Destination for Files to Desktop in Windows 10
    134. Not Sandboxed driving me crazy
    135. random freezing when moving mouse to taskbar
    136. Welcome to TF Saturday Live - The Macrium Special
    137. Window problem
    138. Command Prompt not working and random black screens.
    139. Weird CloudStore 0x80070003 errors, user profile service to blame?
    140. Bootrec /fixboot access denied. Various solutions not working
    141. Windows doesn't launch start menu & few apps and random restart
    142. Boot Device Not Found + Problem with Reflect restore attempt
    143. Repair Simple text file
    144. Side by side configuration incorrect
    145. Win 10 start menu program group title bar
    146. Restore shift+double click to resize all columns in Details view?
    147. Daily Unwanted Restarts
    148. PowerShell asked to make changes to the system and keyboard autotypes
    149. "How do you want to open this file?" Loop
    150. UTC offset incorrect in Windows OS
    151. Task Host Window Always Hanging
    152. Right click often has blank context menu or partials?
    153. File Explorer Quick Access Search box: How to increase keyword history
    154. Customize Default Open File Dialog View Settings When Searched
    155. Unresponsive Desktop when booting up (please help)
    156. Inaccurate C: drive capacity reading/Unable delete winold folders
    157. Pictures Have Disappeared From Pictures Library
    158. Ubunto for Windows
    159. Icons keep moving
    160. Why do sql profiles in c:\users repeat the files in "Documents"?
    161. Any way to disable / Hide Quick Access in File explorer
    162. How to get ride of my black screen.
    163. OneDrive Green Checkmarks (icon overlays) disappeared
    164. Remove this Menu from Desktop on double click
    165. Let's Play Identify the Boot Partition
    166. New Win 10 install-computer locks up
    167. How to Open old HLP files from Windows 10
    168. Remove Dropdown Arrow on This PC Icon from desktop
    169. blank pale blue screen on restarting
    170. Event ID 10031
    171. Hyperlink Not Working In Document, But Copy/Paste Into Browser Does
    172. Windows 10 starts Microsoft support site when it boots
    173. cannot wake from sleep
    174. desktop themes syncing
    175. Documents Cannot Be Attached To Fax Message
    176. Problem with cursor disappearing
    177. How can I best tell what's in W10 builds before updating?
    178. How do I play an amr file?
    179. Can't minimize to taskbar on a few programs.
    180. How can I remove Cortana Search from my Taskbar permanently?
    181. Event Viewer Logs
    182. Help with the INFAMOUS Windows Preview Pane
    183. So Many Desktops
    184. This is strange...
    185. Explorer.exe Keeps Crashing
    186. Cortana web searches not opening
    187. Windows explorer in details view: Set filter dissapears/resets
    188. need dkstoj.dll
    189. Windows black screen at login screen
    190. Print Date in txt Output
    191. EVENT ID 10016 Distributed COM - Hardlocking My System
    192. How can I make the num lock stay on?
    193. With the latest Windows update ".gif" files are no longer animated
    194. Login Screen, Preload Desktop
    195. PC turns it self on at 3pm
    196. File Explorer keeps crashing/restarting/flickering
    197. No more icons, just the names !
    198. Unexplained loss of memory space in ASUS LA555F laptop.
    199. Windows 10 - Pin to Start - icons disappearing & changing
    200. Corrupted data - Suggest a course of action
    201. 3 Questions
    202. Occasional start menu crashes
    203. flummoxed - OneDrive kidnapped document folder
    204. Can't access file manager
    205. Win10 after update black screen LOOKS LIKE NO ONE CAN HELP
    206. Hide Language bar windows 10 (1803)?
    207. Dead laptop want to recover data that was on it
    208. Windows 10 Character Map and Notepad
    209. Windows 10 Pro set up on Dell Precision M6800
    210. Task scheduler has no idle maintenance in the folder
    211. Disable windows showing .rar files in explorer as a folder
    212. Why does MP4 file not play properly on my PC?
    213. Some Menu Items are now Polish language
    214. Windows cannot find Minergate.exe error
    215. Windows endless loading loop
    216. Startup opening infinite file explorer folders
    217. Cursor Freezes and PC Shuts Down
    218. How do I download a copy of Windows 8.1?
    219. Strange behavior after installing KB4093112 upgrade - UAC conflict?
    220. Local Group Policy Editor Microsoft XPS Document Writer xps extension
    221. How do I figure out what caused my computer to freeze?
    222. Command Prompt pops up all the time
    223. Windows only starts in safe mode
    224. Windows 10 Spring Creators Update Release Date
    225. Weird lines outside and colors in Windows 10
    226. W10 won't shut down fully
    227. Blank screen with mouse cursor after login
    228. Black Screen with Mouse Cursor with continual repair loops
    229. Multiple Windows display on Win 10 screen.
    230. Nothing works! Help!
    231. Print desktop properties
    232. Windows 10 update assistant
    233. Can clock font size be changed?
    234. I'm done with Win10
    235. Unresponsive app/spinning blue circle.
    236. Task Host Window stopping background tasks
    237. How do I arrange songs on USB the order I want?
    238. Windows 10 Pro v1803 Cortana Text Visibility Issue on Suggestions Page
    239. How to OPEN Programs in Taskbar Preview WITHOUT Clicking ??
    240. Microsoft Store or something else causing issues
    241. OneDrive
    242. Still no way to disable "Show Translucent Selection Rectangle"?
    243. Always prompted for OK - Signed Java Applets
    244. one drive on two computers: one nothing
    245. Windows 10 shows different width for same divs(Maybe scaling issue)
    246. Icons along taskbar show wrong icons, change when mousing over them
    247. SOLVED: Windows 10 start-up hanging @ desktop screen load after login
    248. How can I stop these irritants from popping up (W10 latest update)
    249. Event Viewer Event ID# 10016 listed four consecutive times at boot??
    250. Windows file explorer has stopped responding
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