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Diskutiere und helfe bei 50 Cent Music im Bereich Musik + Videos im Windows Info bei einer Lösung; 50 Cent Music [IMG] We’ve got to give 50 Cent fans what they want. And you’ll get it all: • Listen to singles and complete albums of 50 Cent’s... Dieses Thema im Forum "Musik + Videos" wurde erstellt von WindowsPhone, 24. Februar 2015.

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    50 Cent Music

    50 Cent Music
    [​IMG] We’ve got to give 50 Cent fans what they want.

    And you’ll get it all:
    • Listen to singles and complete albums of 50 Cent’s discography – You will find all your favorite songs. Guaranteed.
    • Enjoy 50 Cent’s hottest music videos
    • Check out all of 50 Cent’s lyrics, download photos, set wallpapers and lock screen backgrounds for your windows phone with just one tap
    • Get 50 Cent Ringtones
    • Read 50 Cent's Biography

    Everything 50 Cent in one app: music, lyrics, wallpapers and more.

    50 Cent Albums:
    Behind Da Bars
    How 2 Rob
    Greatest Street Hitz
    Guess Who's Back?
    24 Shots
    Power Of The Dollar
    Get Rich Or Die Tryin'
    B.C.: Before Curtis
    After Curtis
    Blown Away
    Animal Ambition
    Before I Self Destruct

    50 Cent most popular songs:
    2 Step Remix (Feat. Sky Balla)
    21 Questions (feat. Nate Dogg)
    300 Shots
    5 Heartbeats (feat. Tony Yayo)
    50 Bars
    50 Shot Ya
    8 More Miles
    A Baltimore Love Thing
    After My Chedda
    Ain't Gangsta
    Aint Rich, Stop Lying
    All Of Me
    Amusement Park
    Animal Ambition
    As The World Turns (feat. UGK)
    Ayo Technology
    Baby By Me (Feat. Ne-Yo)
    Back Down
    Bad News (Feat. G-Unit)
    Banks Victory
    Be A Gentleman
    Beef With Me
    Best Friend
    Big Rich Town (Feat. Joe)
    Blood Hound (feat. Young Buc)
    Blvd. Of Broken Dreams
    Bottom Girl (feat. G-Unit)
    Build You Up
    Bump Dat
    C.R.E.A.M. Freestyle (Feat. G-Unit)
    Candy Shop
    Chase The Paper (feat. Kidd Kidd)
    Come And Go
    Corner Bodega
    Could've Been You (Feat. R. Kelly)
    Crime Wave
    Da Repercussions
    Death To Enemies
    Disco Inferno
    Do You Think About Me
    Don't Push Me (feat. Eminem and Lloyd Banks)
    Don't Wanna Talk About It
    Don't Worry 'Bout It
    Doo Wop Freestyle
    Everytime I Come Around (feat. Kidd Kidd)
    Feel Good (feat. G-Unit)
    Follow Me Gangsta (Feat. G-Unit)
    Follow My Lead
    Fully Loaded Clip
    Funeral Music
    G'd Up Freestyle
    Gangsta's Delight
    Gangster Music
    Gansta'd Up
    GATman And Robbin
    Get Down (Feat. Hot Rod and Tony Yayo)
    Get In My Car
    Get It Hot
    Get Out The Club
    Get Up
    Ghetto Qu'ran
    Girl Come Over (feat. Nate Dogg)
    Give It To Me
    God Gave Me Style
    Gotta Get
    Gun Runner
    Gunz Come Out
    Hate It Or Love It (G-Unit Remix)
    High All The Time
    Hip Hop
    Hold Me Down
    Hold On
    How To Rob
    I Don't Need 'Em
    I Get Money
    I Got Swag
    I'll Still Kill
    I'm A Hustler
    I'm Leavin' (feat. G-Unit)
    I'm Supposed To Die Tonight
    If Dead Men Can Talk
    If I Can't
    In Da Club
    In My Hood
    Irregular Heartbeat (feat. Jadakiss)
    Just A Lil Bit
    Life's On The Line
    Like My Style (feat. Tony Yayo)
    London London
    Look What You Made Me Do (Feat. Ron G)
    Major Distribution
    Man Down
    Many Men (Wish Death)
    Material Girl
    Money By Any Means
    Movin' On Up
    My Gun Go Off
    My Life (Feat. Eminem)
    My Toy Soldiers
    New Day (Feat. Dr. Dre)
    No Introduction
    No. 1 On 1
    Officer Down (Feat. Kardinal Offishall)
    OK, You're Right
    Outta Control
    Part Time Lover
    Party Ain't Over (feat. Young Buck)
    Patiently Waiting (feat.Eminem)
    Pee Wee Herman
    Peep Show
    Piggy Bank
    Poor Lil Rich
    Position Of Power
    Power Of The Dollar
    Psycho (Feat. Eminem)
    Rotten Apple
    Rowdy Rowdy
    Ryder Music
    Ski Mask Way
    Slow Doe
    Smile For Me
    Smoke (feat. Trey Songz)
    Smoke This
    So Amazing
    So Disrespectful
    So Serious
    Straight Murder (Feat. Prodigy)
    Straight To The Bank
    Stretch Armstrong Freestyle
    Strong Enough
    That Ain't Gangsta
    That's What's Up (feat. G Unit)
    The Funeral
    The Good Die Young
    The Hit
    The Invasion
    The Invitation
    The Mechanic (feat. Tony Yayo)
    Then Day Went By
    This Is 50
    Thug Love (feat. Beyonce)
    Too Hot (feat. Nas and Nature)
    Touch The Sky
    Twisted (feat. Mr. Probz)
    U Ain't No Gunner
    U Not Like Me
    Wanna Lick (feat. Lil Kim)
    We Up (Feat. Kendrick Lamar)
    What Do You Got
    What Up Gangsta?
    What You Know
    Whats Up (feat. Lloyd Banks And Tony Yayo)
    Who Shot Ya?
    Who U Rep With (feat. Nas and Bravehearts)
    Who We Be
    Whoo Kid Freestyle
    Why You Lookin'?
    Window Shopper
    Winners Circle (Feat. Guordan Banks)
    You Ain't Crazy (feat. Reign)
    You Ain't No Gangsta
    You Heard Me
    You Should Be Here
    Your Life Is On The Line

    Just download and enjoy.

    We are giving 50 Cent fans what they want!

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