Diskutiere und helfe bei Bluescreen DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION im Bereich Games und Spiele im Windows Info bei einer Lösung; Hello there, I recently came upon the problem that when I login on origin (the one from EA) in order to play any EA titles. Right after I typed in my... Dieses Thema im Forum "Games und Spiele" wurde erstellt von MoritzPodlech, 20. Oktober 2018.


    Hello there,

    I recently came upon the problem that when I login on origin (the one from EA) in order to play any EA titles. Right after I typed in my login information my PC freezes and ends up in a bluescreen as mentioned in the title.

    What I figured out on forums from either EA and Microsoft is, that it might be a driver issue.

    Now the funny thing is, sometimes I can login without any problems and play the titles (Battlefield 3,4) and the next day I end up getting bluescreens all over again (I'm still trying to figure out in what rhythm or scheme it works/fails).

    Any other non-EA title/application (i.e. VB, MS-office, steam games, ..) works flawless without any sign of driver problems.

    I already contacted microsoft and EA support and they both seem a little clueless about the issue, though the problem seems to be quite spreaded.

    Does anyone have similar problems, maybe dated back to the hardware they're using?

    The system I am talking about is an intel core i5 3470 on an ASRock H77 Pro-M with 16 GB of Kingston 1600Mhz DDR3 ram hosting a Sapphire Nitro RX 580.

    The system is neither overclocked, nor has multiple OS. It's cooled with multiple air coolers and the CPU (water cooled) runs between 20°-50° Celsius from idle to gaming/rendering.

    I also tried the whole thing on an amd-based system. By now, I didn't encounter any kind of similar bluescreen over there (hardware is around the same age).

    I added a minidump file of the latest crash in the link below.!AkHzlvRUDtbSoV1SXqUWpczOYGOr

    Looking forward to your ideas and suggestions!

    Best regards
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