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    [​IMG] Developer:

    This excellent three-player game is well known in several Eastern European countries, including Russia, Belorus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Poland and Lithuania. In Russian speaking areas it is known as Tysiacha (Тысяча) and in Poland it is Tysiąc - both words mean 1000, the target score for the game.
    There are many slight variations of the rules of play between and within countries. The version played in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine is here for you to try!
    Customise the game and enjoy playing!

    Please, comment your experience! All of your wishes will be implemented in time.

    * Added new option "Free splits disabled". It disables the ability to split without losing points.
    * Added a light vibration on the marriage opening.


    * Fixed a bug that caused wrong available move cards highlighting if the game speed was increased.
    * Added option "Win only with widow" - only the player that took the widow can win the game.
    * Added option "Win only if take 121+ points" - player can win the game only if he takes 121 or more points.
    * AI now order just enought points for them to win the game or get to the barrel - so it became harder to drop the from the barrel or prevent them from getting to it.
    * The requirenment to beat just opened marriage card with 10 or ace is now disabled.


    * Fixed game crash when trying to get access to the phone storage. Now user gets info message and game restart might help to load previously saved game.


    * Added font change option to settings menu.
    * Added landscape orientation to the game. Now it changes with phone rotation.


    * Added an option to change cards back side
    * Added an option to change game speed.

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Game1000 - Spiele

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