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Diskutiere und helfe bei Oktoberfest-Ninja im Bereich Spiele bei einer Lösung;

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    [​IMG] Oktoberfest-Ninja is the ultimate game for every beer fan. Slice all the beer mugs and pretzels, but beware of the duck and other items which has nothing to do with the famous Oktoberfest in Munich.

    Become one of millions Oktoberfest-Ninja players and experience the beerfest athmosphere.

    This version of Oktoberfest-Ninja includes:
    - three Game-modes with many bavarian items
    - original bavarian expressions and sounds
    - authentic music for the pure Oktoberfest-feeling
    - live video recorder, that makes it possible to record the numerous bavarian items in your sourounding

    It is a great fun to record a video in the beer tent with many flying beer mugs, pretzels, roasted chickens and other objects that you can slice with your finger.
    In order to destroy the flying beer mugs, just move your finger over the display, right where the mug is. Yes, alcohol is the enemy of humanity and this one must be crushed out. Let's get down to work!

    But beware from slicing the other items like the football or the duck. These will lead to negative scores. And this would be a pity because it is all about the global highscore, fame and glory. Who will be the greatest alcohol destroyer of this Oktoberfest? We hope, you will make it!
    PS. Send us your favorite videos: info@dobesgames.com

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